BeClever is a company of advanced services in IT that offers more advanced information technology (IT) for customers

in the public and private sector across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

We provide extensive experience in major companies in the region, with an expert and innovative human team with the ultimate goal of providing the most professional service to our customers.

BeClever services include consulting, implementation and management of solutions in the areas of infrastructure and applications, data management and cybersecurity.

In addition, BeClever offers certain cloud services to meet the most recurrent needs of our customers.

We will analyse your applications to detect performance and usability bottlenecks.

We can recover a database backup of teras in less than 10 minutes.

Have the leading training platform, to centralise and promote the training of your employees.

Migrate your version and/or platform of database maximising service times and minimising risks.

Optimise the performance of your database, improving overall performance and optimising queries that most affect the performance of your applications.

Offer independent and self-managed databases to your development teams to improve their productivity and accelerate the development of their applications.

Automate provisioning of the accesses of your employees and users, facilitating the continuous certification of the same.

Securitise and audit the operations of your administrators over the entire IT infrastructure.

Delegate the job of resetting and locking passwords to the users themselves.



Manufacturer of specialised software in database management, Microsoft infrastructure management and migration and backup and recovery.

BeClever is an expert in Quest and Quest subcontractor solutions for the execution of its Professional Services in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).


Leading manufacturer of Cybersecurity solutions specialised in Identity Management and Privileged Account Management.

BeClever has been recognised as “Best Regional Partner” of One Identity 2018 for the region of Iberia for the expertise and knowledge in its solutions.


Cyberark is the leader in Security of Privileged Accounts.

BeClever is a specialist in securitising privileged accounts with Cyberark solutions.


The software manufacturer leader in Data-as-a-Service solutions that allows us to speed up the development of our applications, improve our contingency plan, and facilitate migration to and from the cloud.

BeClever is an expert in solutions that improve the productivity of our developers, maximise the availability of our systems, and assist in the adoption of cloud as a platform for companies.


Manufacturer of specialised software in Big Data Replication in OnPremise environments or towards the cloud to maximise the availability of Big Data infrastructure.

BeClever is the Partner and integrator of reference of Wandisco for the region of Iberia.