Data and Information Management

The efficient management of its data is important for any company, and more so with the exponential growth of data due to collaborative environments, the Internet, mobile devices, social networks, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.


But has all data grown equally? Not really. There has been a much higher growth in unstructured data with regard to structured data (for example, the data stored in a database).

At BeClever we want to help you manage both structured and unstructured data.

Thus, for structured data, we will help you in the administration and tuning of your databases, analysing their performance and solving existing performance problems, up to the point of optimising your own queries or SQL statements generated by the applications. We will help you reduce run times of the SQL statements, rewriting own statements when necessary.

We are experts in database replication projects, implementing various replication scenarios of databases to meet the needs of our customers. For example, we can assemble a high availability or disaster recovery architecture to resolve a situation of disaster, or we can improve the performance of applications, taking out the reporting to a secondary database fully synchronised with the principal database. Other database replication projects tend to be database migrations, whether migrations of version of database and/or platform (version or distribution of operating system), minimising downtime of the database and maintaining a possibility of regression.

To help development teams, we can implement Test Data Management (TDM) solutions to allow the different teams to have independent virtual databases, so that the work of each team is totally independent from the rest, and can, in this way, speed up the production of the different developments.

For unstructured data, we offer Big Data Infrastructure services, implementing the necessary solutions that allow our customers to have the infrastructure necessary to analyse data and benefit this way from the competitive advantages offered by Big Data and we also facilitate the integration of data between applications and Big Data repositories.

We also work with replication of unstructured data, whether for Big Data environments, or for environments that work with large files, so that we ensure the availability of data between centres (whether OnPremise or in Cloud), portability of data, protection and complete recovery of the information, and integrity of data between different sites.

Finally, we allow integration of data between different applications and/or systems so that we can share all data, transforming the same where necessary.