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Dell SharePlex

SharePlex is Dell Software’s high-performance database replication solution, which over the past few years has simplified data replication for customers in various industries around the world.



  • SharePlex® is an asynchronous replication solution between Oracle DB and other heterogeneous DB as target.
  • Real time replication.
  • Oracle Enterprise DB and Oracle Standard DB replication.
  • Flexibility to withstand the different configuration and easy management.
  • SharePlex includes all necessary tools to manage the replicated environment: data comparison, synchronization and no additional cost monitoring.
  • Simplify replication offering better performance and full security to the integrated data.
  • Withstand horizontal segmentation (replicating only certain rows), vertical (replication only certain columns) and data transformation.
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional replication.




Architecture: capture and read processes

  • Capture:
    • Capture process based on high-speed, real-time logs.
    • Processes both online redo logs and archive redo logs.
    • Reads both normal file systems and ASM stored files.
  • Read:
    • If the primary/unique supplemental logging is not active, it will access the DB to obtain data.
    • Horizontal partitioning.
    • Groups DML sentences in batches.

Architecture: export/import processes

  • Propagation between queues in different servers.
  • Responsible of sending messages from SharePlex between the source and target systems.
  • To optimize performance, there may be more than one export/import processes for the same replication.


Architecture: POST processes

  • Converts SharePlex messages in DML and DDL sentences.
  • Convert SharePlex messages inserts to the change-data-capture (CDC) tables.
  • There may be multiple parallel post processes to optimize performance.




Architecture: queues.

  • Memory queues with storage backup on disk.
  • In non-backlog conditions, information is propagated between queues from memory, without any disk activity.
    • Only will be stored on disk if there is a memory saturation or a processes downtime of SharePlex.
  • SharePlex will always send data without writing to disk. In case of a system failure with data in the queues, SharePlex includes a fault-tolerant mechanism, which prevents the loss of any data.
  • There doesn’t exist any kind or limit to the information quantity that SharePlex may store on the queues. The limit will reside in the physical disk availability.

Resource and performance usage

  • CPU/disk/memory: SharePlex typical consume is less than a 1%.
  • SharePlex allows to increase the performance of certain kind of activities increasing the Post processes performance.
  • The number of Post processes is configurable, and usually, simply by increasing the number of post processes, you get the desired performance.
  • It is possible to increase the capture process performance, by creating multiple replication flows.


Fault tolerance and fail support- over the cluster

  • Replication processes will be restarted automatically if they are stopped or killed.
    • If the server fails or is restarted, with the SharePlex demon configurated to start when the server starts, the replication will start automatically.
  • In case of red connection loss or any of the involved servers is not available/accessible, SharePlex will continue to tray connecting till the problem is solved, restoring the situation and proceeding with the replication as usual.
  • SharePlex works on most of the system that support application fail-over on a cluster.
    • Fail-over to another server on the cluster.
  • SharePlex supports Oracle Transparent Network Failure.
    • This allows SharePlex to use other instance on the cluster in case the local instance is not available.

Supported scenes (On-premise, remote or cloud)



Replication types and conflict resolution

  • Flexible and configurable replications.
  • Support replication such as:
    • Tables with different schema name and/or different table names.
    • Tables with different column names (if the data type of the column is compatible).
    • Certain columns (column subset) to replicate to a target.
    • Certain rows (row subset) to replicate to a target.
      • It may be configurated to different subsets to different targets.
    • Replication data transformation.
  • SharePlex includes the built-in routines of conflict resolution.
  • Timestamp based.
  • Reliable source.
  • SharePlex allows to develop customized conflict resolution routines using Oracle storage procedures on PL/SQL or Java.

Included utilities

  • SharePlex includes at no additional cost the tools to manage and maintain the replication environment.
    • Compare and repair
      • Validates the data integrity from source to target on hot.
      • Finds discrepancies and repairs them.
    • Sync
      • Built in Oracle export and import, allows the installation and resynchronization of objects.
      • It takes into account hot swaps over the objects.
    • SharePlex manager
      • Graphic interface to monitor and manage the SharePlex environments
      • Alert management.


  • The configuration is made in only one configuration file.
  • A communication file is defined on the source where it is configurated what to replicate and where to send it.
  • SharePlex will automatically create the necessary processes and queues, both for source and target.
  • Definition method:
    • Table level configuration: you specifically define the table to be replicated.
    • Configuration using wildcard for schemes, exclusions, inclusions…

Heterogeneous DB replication


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