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Virtualization became a revolution to our datacenters. It allowed us to consolidate servers by making more efficient use of available physical resources, reducing energy and operative costs to manage the new virtual infrastructure, reducing deployment time on new environments, and increasing the availability and security of our infrastructure.

Virtualization allowed us to reduce the number of physical servers, saving space on our datacenters. The computing capacity (CPU and memory) are unified in the hosts where the virtual machines reside. In addition, virtualization allows us to have of the business continuity capacities, starting the virtual machines fast and automatically on the alternative hosts in case of host failure.

The usual architecture of our virtual ecosystem tends to be multiple hosts connected to a shared storage cabinet where the virtual machines physically reside.

The hyperconvergence goes a step further and allows us to add the storage capacities to the computing capacities that our server already had. In this new architecture, the storage cabin is no longer necessary to dispose of the shared storage, but the own disk of the physical hosts becomes shared storage.

In this new architecture, a new software layer is added to the physical hosts, a SDS layer (Software Defined Storage), which will be on charge of managing the storage for all the hosts in a unified way.

The principal advantages the hyperconvergence offers are:

  • Simplify the architecture and management of the environment.
  • Increase vertical and horizontally, adding disc or data processing to the existing servers.
  • High availability also in the storage level (on virtualization, unless we had a redundant architecture with two cabins, we still had a failure point in the storage cabin).
  • Scalability
  • Performance

There exists different manufacturer with hyperconvergence solutions, such as Nutanix, VmWare, Datacore or Starwind. You can contact us for more information via email:

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