IT Infrastructure and Applications

Gestionamos la infraestructura de nuestros clientes, ya sea OnPremise,
en la nube o en una arquitectura híbrida.


BeClever’s main objectives from the Infrastructure and Applications area are the following:

  • Ensure maximum performance of these systems and applications
  • Maximise availability
  • Facilitate management

In this way, at BeClever we consider it critical to analyse the performance of these systems and applications, so that we ensure the best possible response times and allow in this way for users to work efficiently, maximising their productivity, and guaranteeing a good usability.

We will work to maximise the availability of systems and applications, implementing the solutions necessary to avoid or minimise any loss of service, and to recover the service in the easiest and most immediate way possible.

Finally, we want to equip the IT staff of companies with solutions that will enable them to avoid performing manual and recurring tasks, that have no added value, so that they can devote as much time and effort possible to performing those tasks that really add value to the companies.

In an ever-changing world, it is critical for companies who want to remain competitive to have reliable systems, with high performance, and an internal staff focused on innovation, so that they can continue to move forward and adapt to a market and needs of their own customers that are increasingly changing, and become this way increasingly more competitive and agile.