BeClever’s main objectives from the Infrastructure and Applications area are the following:

  • Ensure maximum performance of these systems and applications
  • Maximise availability
  • Facilitate management

In this way, at BeClever we consider it critical to analyse the performance of these systems and applications, so that we ensure the best possible response times and allow in this way for users to work efficiently, maximising their productivity, and guaranteeing a good usability.

We will work to maximise the availability of systems and applications, implementing the solutions necessary to avoid or minimise any loss of service, and to recover the service in the easiest and most immediate way possible.

Finally, we want to equip the IT staff of companies with solutions that will enable them to avoid performing manual and recurring tasks, that have no added value, so that they can devote as much time and effort possible to performing those tasks that really add value to the companies.

In an ever-changing world, it is critical for companies who want to remain competitive to have reliable systems, with high performance, and an internal staff focused on innovation, so that they can continue to move forward and adapt to a market and needs of their own customers that are increasingly changing, and become this way increasingly more competitive and agile.

In order to achieve this BeClever bets on routine and recurrent process automation, processes that will not add any value to the employee. These tasks only decrease the time the employee may invest in more interesting tasks both for him and for the company.

By automating this kind of tasks (such as migrations, extraction and insertion of data, software installations…) you will be improving execution time itself. In addition, you will be able to follow up your bots, control when and from where they will be executed and  reports will be available for you with data like, how often the bot has been executed, how many time and which has been the bot error margin.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

It is very important for the companies to stay updated, the industry grows and technology improves fast, this not only affect companies but people too.

That is why in BeClever we are expert on one of the most used eLearning platform all over the world by schools, universities and companies to teach for 100% online courses or complement the face-to-face courses with resources and activities (such as tasks, quizzes, forums, links, documentation, videos…). This platform will allow the student 24/7 access to the resources of the course, also will connect them directly to the teacher any time and any place, and will provide the teacher control over the student performance (reports, auto-evaluations…).

We will help you with installation, configuration and management of the platform, also we will solve the issues you may encounter for both and user and administrative levels.




We are experts in APM (Application Performance Management) solutions to help you monitor your applications and ensure the best possible user experience. We will help you to manage as efficiently as possible all applications, including those that are more complex with a distributed architecture.


All this with an end-to-end visibility, including the end-user experience, requests served by the application servers, statements in database and dependence of the infrastructure. We will be able to have a map of our applications to correctly understand their architecture, dynamic baseline (via machine learning) and diagnosis at source code level.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

Historically, the time required to perform the necessary changes in our applications has been excessively long, making it difficult to align these changes with business objectives. A DevOps approach, where we rely on shorter developments, more reliable and more frequent deliveries, allows us to adapt much more efficiently to the needs of the business, so that we can be much quicker, nimbler and more efficient.

To achieve these objectives, BeClever provides service in three key areas that will help us to be faster, nimbler and more efficient:

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of performance of applications and databases: we help our customers to identify those components of the software that have not been functioning properly since the early stages, to ensure that the code that reaches production is as optimised as possible. <link to our part of APM 1.1.2>
  • Test Data Management (TDM): we provide the development teams with independent virtual databases, so that the work of each development team is totally independent from the rest, and it can, in this way, speed up the production of the different developments. <link to our part of TDM 2.5>
  • Continuous life cycle: we implement the continuous life cycle solutions (such as Jenkins) needed to automate the steps between environments.
  • Load testing: we can generate the load tests (both at the application level and at the level of databases) as required in preproduction environments to ensure the performance of applications once implemented in production.
  • Software quality: we analyse the quality of the developments in the different stages, so that we ensure that the software that reaches the productive environments is of a high quality.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following