IT Infrastructure and Data Management

We manage the infraestructure of our clients, either OnPremise,
on the cloud or on a hybrid achitecture.


BeClever’s main objectives from the Infrastructure area is the following:

  • Ensure maximum performance of these systems
  • Maximise availability
  • Facilitate management

In this way, at BeClever we consider it critical to analyse the performance of these systems, so that we ensure the best possible response times and allow in this way for users to work efficiently, maximising their productivity, and guaranteeing a good usability.

We will work to maximise the availability of systems and applications, implementing the solutions necessary to avoid or minimise any loss of service, and to recover the service in the easiest and most immediate way possible.

Finally, we want to equip the IT staff of companies with solutions that will enable them to avoid performing manual and recurring tasks, that have no added value, so that they can devote as much time and effort possible to performing those tasks that really add value to the companies.

In an ever-changing world, it is critical for companies who want to remain competitive to have reliable systems, with high performance, and an internal staff focused on innovation, so that they can continue to move forward and adapt to a market and needs of their own customers that are increasingly changing, and become this way increasingly more competitive and agile.

The efficient management of its data is important for any company, and more so with the exponential growth of data due to collaborative environments, the Internet, mobile devices, social networks, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.


But has all data grown equally? Not really. There has been a much higher growth in unstructured data with regard to structured data (for example, the data stored in a database).

At BeClever we want to help you manage both structured and unstructured data.

Thus, for structured data, we will help you in the administration and tuning of your databases, analysing their performance and solving existing performance problems, up to the point of optimising your own queries or SQL statements generated by the applications. We will help you reduce run times of the SQL statements, rewriting own statements when necessary.

We are experts in database replication projects, implementing various replication scenarios of databases to meet the needs of our customers. For example, we can assemble a high availability or disaster recovery architecture to resolve a situation of disaster, or we can improve the performance of applications, taking out the reporting to a secondary database fully synchronised with the principal database. Other database replication projects tend to be database migrations, whether migrations of version of database and/or platform (version or distribution of operating system), minimising downtime of the database and maintaining a possibility of regression.


The competitiveness of all companies is guided by their ability to adapt to the market and offer it competitive products. To do this, it is essential to have the internal systems necessary to enable them to be agile and productive in their quest to offer products and services of high quality and adapted to the needs of their customers.

At BeClever we want to support our customers in ensuring that these internal systems deliver the performance the company needs to remain competitive.

At BeClever we will analyse the performance of the different technological layers of the IT infrastructure of our customers, so that we can detect and resolve any problems of performance in the shortest possible time on the one hand and, on the other hand, improve performance if cases are detected where performance still has room for improvement.

We will analyse the different applications, databases and infrastructure (operating system and storage array), so that our customers enjoy the best possible performance in their IT ecosystem:

  • We will analyse the response time of the applications (web or client/server), including both the real end-user experience and the response times of the application server, to detect the causes of any performance problem, and resolve them quickly and efficiently. We will also be able to proactively detect and resolve performance degradations.
  • We will analyse the performance of our customers’ databases, optimising their overall performance, and rewriting those database statements whose response times allow for improving the general performance of the applications they serve.

We will analyse the use of operating system and I/O generated against the storage systems, to make sure we have the physical resources required to ensure adequate performance.



We will analyse the behaviour of the overall infrastructure, analysing the resources consumed by the different systems, as well as their I/O times, to detect bottlenecks in access to storage systems, and we can improve the performance of our applications by ensuring adequate access to data.

We understand business continuity as the ability of the business to continue operating when the infrastructure crashes. To achieve this, we equip your infrastructure with the mechanisms necessary to prevent loss of service when faced with potential disasters. It prevents a problem of your storage system causing a total crash of your applications by implementing a fault-tolerant architecture, where the secondary cabin takes control totally transparently for the user.

There are different ways to ensure continuity of business more or less quickly, as well as more or less easily. From an architecture with distributed datacentres or software functionalities that allow a recovery as quickly and easily as possible.

For environments with backup datacentres, we assemble the necessary storage solutions that allow ensuring data replication between datacentres, and that offer the best performance of availability in the event of a crash. From the point of view of hardware, we work with Dell-EMC, NetApp and PureStorage, to meet the most demanding requirements, at both availability and performance level.

It is critical for our customers maximise the availability of their systems, because in a world as dependent on technology as the present, it is essential to have all operating systems in order to be able to manufacture and serve their products and/or services.

In this way, at BeClever we consider essential the implementation of an IT architecture prepared to tackle different unexpected situations that can arise over time.

There are two different ways to help maximise the availability of our systems, which are fully complementary: prevention and recovery.

Usually, much emphasis is placed on working on the recovery track, assembling backup datacentres (or data processing centres) and backup solutions that allow us to be able to retrieve the necessary services. Obviously, at BeClever we can help you to establish the necessary recovery tracks to pick up the service if needed, but additionally, we will also help you to minimise that recovery time from hours to minutes.

On the other hand, we think it is essential to maximise the productivity of our users to also work in an architecture that can help us to forestall and prevent loss of service. Hence, we will help you define the architecture necessary to ensure that a crash of the main storage system does not affect the service, by balancing data access to the storage array in the backup Datacentre transparently for applications.



Disaster Recovery

Once a disaster occurs and an application or system are not available, it is important to be able to automate as much as possible recovery from such events and, if necessary, to have the mechanisms necessary to recover service from the backup infrastructure (backups) or the existing backup environment.



Rapid Disaster Recovery

Usually, we are confident in our backup infrastructure to pick up the service if necessary in critical situations. The problem in this case is the time required for recovery, which may not be acceptable for the business. At BeClever we can help reduce the recovery and implementation of such services to minutes, in such a way that, regardless of the size of the environment to recover, we will cover the most demanding recovery times.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

On BeClever we dedicate to maximize the availability and performance of the systems and applications of our customers, focusing on avoiding any possible loose of the service and/or storage data. This way we maximize the efficiency of the systems and simplify their management.

Historically, the IT department of companies has been seen as an unproductive expenditure or a multiservice support department, when it is one of the areas that can add the most value to the different business departments. When IT is aligned with the company’s strategy, it is the driver for incorporating innovation into it.

That is why, from BeClever, we want to help the IT department to devote itself as much as possible to those value-added tasks that allow companies to innovate and achieve maximum competitive edge.

Thus, we want to avoid carrying out manual or recurring tasks that consume time and effort without providing any value, so that the IT staff can spend as much time as possible on those tasks that help companies grow and innovate.

In this regard, we help our customers to implement those solutions that minimise or even eliminate the time devoted to many common tasks, such as administration and maintenance of equipment, inventory of applications, reports, etc., and thus release the internal staff to devote themselves to analysing possible improvements that will have an impact on profits for the company’s business. In addition, and as experts in Microsoft Active Directory, we will also help you to guarantee the correct state and functioning of the AD infrastructure.

An Active Directory migration project is a critical step for the companies due to the impact it may have for both users and the company itself.


That is why from BeClever we want to help our customer with their migration and consolidation projects. For that purpose, we automatize the migration processes and maintain their domains coexistence.

The data company data it is very important, for that matter in case of loss, it is essential to recover it as fast and efficient as possible.


That is why that from BeClever we offer a recovery procedure for Active Directory tested and easy that allows making from a granular recovery to a full recovery with a simple click.


To know the status of our infrastructure and applications, it is essential to have the right solutions for monitoring. Thus, we consider it essential to monitor the status of the Active Directory (especially the possible Pass-the-Hash or Golden Ticket attacks), audit all the performed operations in AD or file servers and generate reports with information such as who and what changed and where.

We work with different manufacturers and/or open-source solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

The IT department is one of the areas that can bring more value to different business departments. Making the most of the potential of the IT department is how the company can adjust better to the requirements established by the market and innovate to meet the new needs of their different departments.

Therefore, from BeClever, we want to help the IT department with the deployment of applications and security patches on all equipment by automating these processes.

This way, we want to avoid that the equipments are vulnerable to known security failures, being always up to date and updated without need of intervention on the part of the IT team.

The unlocking or resetting of a password of an account of an employee/user is usually one of the most common tasks of an IT department. Therefore, we propose implementing a solution for self-management of passwords for employees/users, to eliminate these tasks with very little added-value carried out by their administrators, extending the service offered to employees and users to 24×7.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

To help development teams, we can implement Test Data Management (TDM) solutions to allow the different teams to have independent virtual databases, so that the work of each team is totally independent from the rest, and can, in this way, speed up the production of the different developments.

For unstructured data, we offer Big Data Infrastructure services, implementing the necessary solutions that allow our customers to have the infrastructure necessary to analyse data and benefit this way from the competitive advantages offered by Big Data and we also facilitate the integration of data between applications and Big Data repositories.

We also work with replication of unstructured data, whether for Big Data environments, or for environments that work with large files, so that we ensure the availability of data between centres (whether OnPremise or in Cloud), portability of data, protection and complete recovery of the information, and integrity of data between different sites.

Finally, we allow integration of data between different applications and/or systems so that we can share all data, transforming the same where necessary.

We offer a remote database administration system, where we do all the tasks required to maintain and protect heterogeneous databases.

For this we have the best database administration work team, and the most efficient administration and monitoring solutions to help us to manage these environments.

Our team is specialised in ensuring maximum performance of the databases of our customers, which obliges us to a administer the databases very efficiently.

We rely on database management software from Quest to manage those databases in the most efficient manner possible. At BeClever we partner with specialists from Quest Software in their database management business unit, and we are also a subcontractor to perform professional services on behalf of Quest.

We are experts in database replication projects, implementing various replication scenarios of databases to meet the needs of our customers.

We base ourselves on the Quest Shareplex solution, the best-selling solution for database replication, to run our database replication projects.

Shareplex is an Asynchronous and almost in real time database replication solution, with easy administration and configuration, flexibility to support various configurations and usage scenarios, and maximum performance, guaranteeing the integrity of the replicated data. Shareplex includes all the tools necessary to manage the replicated environment: data comparison and repair, synchronisation and monitoring.

The scenarios usually covered with Shareplex for database replication are the following:




Database replication in a scenario of high availability or disaster recovery enables us to have an immediately available backup database to offer service in situations where there has been a loss of service of the main database, or when the latter has suffered a data corruption, without the need to use a backup, and therefore minimising the time of the crash of the service.

In an environment where we want to improve the performance of a database, we can mount a database replication solution that allows us to have multiple databases working in active-active mode or load balancing mode, or simply remove the part of reporting to a secondary database, to separate the transactional operations from the analytical operations (much heavier).

Finally, when we want to ensure success in database migration projects, minimising the downtime of the system and ensuring a possibility of regression, we can use the replicated database, so that we can make a migration of database version and/or platform (operating system).


Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

We are specialised in analysing the performance of the most critical databases, thereby maximising their performance. In this way we can detect and optimise the statements that may cause performance to be not optimal. In addition, we analyse statements that despite not causing poor performance at the level of databases do cause a performance problem for applications that are running, so that we also optimise these statements, to ensure maximum possible performance of the applications. We can get to the level of rewriting of these SQL statements if necessary, even helping development teams when they need it.

Usually, for software developments related to databases, the different development teams typically have a development database shared by all of them, so that the developments of some are affected by others, making it difficult for them to work, and therefore, delaying the time to production. To help solve this problem, at BeClever we can implement Test Data Management (TDM) solutions to enable the different development teams have independent virtual databases, so that the work of each team is totally independent from the rest, and can, in this way, speed up the production of the different developments.


Among the manufacturers we work with are the following

In the case of unstructured data, whether for Big Data environments, or for environments that work with large files we can implement the necessary file replication solutions that ensure the availability of data between centres (whether OnPremise or in Cloud), portability of data, protection and complete recovery of the information, and integrity of data between different sites.

Among the manufacturers we work with are the following